Do we core drill? Yes sir! Specialists in diamond core drilling, we are experts in every aspect of the services that we offer. We have an absolute understanding of the work that we do, and our ability comes across in the outstanding work that we do and the service we provide.

If quality, reliability and workmanship is
what you are after, give us a call.

Our team of trained, professionals can accomplish all aspects of diamond core drilling, including, though by no means limited to:

  • Holes for plumbing/heating pipes
  • Corner holes for window openings,
  • Access holes for services
  • Stitch drilling
  • Angular drilling
  • Diamond Core Drilling
  • Stanchion holes for handrails
  • Downpipe & overflow holes
Here is a small collection of video clips
of the Viking team in action!

Jet Park Benoni
Johannesburg Chemical Forensic Lab
Clouds End

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